Chef Todd Hogan is the culinary master behind Forever in a Day, Foods to Suit, and Home Appetit. Member and recurring guest chef of the world famous James Beard Foundation and a DiRona Award recipient, he has held Executive Chef positions in fine dining restaurants throughout the Southeast. He has also appeared numerous times as a guest chef on the Food Network. Chef Todd is a graduate of the legendary school of culinary arts Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, S.C.

Each of Chef Todd’s companies specializes in a very specific expertise. Forever in a Day presents world-class cuisine for weddings and other gala events. Foods to Suit raises the bar for cuisine in the corporate world, designing custom menus that complement the goals of businesses. Home Appetit offers the extraordinary opportunity to bring Chef Todd to your home for dinner parties or gatherings you and your guests will remember forever.

A truly passionate and professional executive chef, Chef Todd approaches every event with focus and excitement. Your wedding, corporate event or home party is the only one that matters while he is preparing and cooking. This is what it means to experience food at its highest level.